We have revived our LimnoSeminar series with a new format, making it a bit unique compared to other science webinars. In a nutshell, each LimnoSeminar has a featured limnology topic. During the first half of the webinar, an invited early-career researcher (ECR) gives a presentation that includes a topic overview, followed by their own related research. In the second half of the LimnoSeminar, the ECR speaker joins a panel with 2 other limnologists that have expertise in the topic area. An SCL moderator facilitates the discussion by directing questions posed by the audience to the panel.

LimnoSeminars are scheduled on the same day/time each month from October 2020 - May 2021. We have earmarked the second Tuesday of each month at 12:30-13:30 Eastern.

All attendees will need to complete the LimnoSeminar registration form to recieve the Zoom online meeting link.

With the permission of each speaker, recorded LimnoSeminars will be posted to our SCL Youtube Channel.

Here is the registration link for the Spring LimnoSeminar series:

Here is the list of topics for Spring 2021:

Date Topic Speaker Panelists
13-April Biodiversity of communities over decades to centuries Dr. Marie-Eve Montchamp Dr. Francis Pick and Dr. John Smol
11-May Bridging the gap: Expanding aquatic research with community co-production Dr. Catherine Febria Dilber Yunus and Dr. Heidi Swanson


Here is the registration link for the Winter LimnoSeminar series:

Here is the list of topics for Winter 2021:

Date Topic Speaker Panelists
12-Jan Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in the Arctic Dr. Kyra St. Pierre Dr. Isabelle Laurion, Dr. Dave Olefeldt
9-Feb Contaminants in Northern Lakes in a Warming World Dr. Branaavan Sivarajah Dr. Jennifer Korosi, Dr. Joshua Thienpont
9-Mar Zooplankton as Proxies of Environmental Change Dr. Anas Mohamed Dr. Beatrix Beisner, Dr. Bjoern Wissel


Here was the list of topics for Fall 2020:

Date Topic Speaker Panelists
13-Oct Exploring the Promise and Challenges of eDNA in Aquatic Research Dr. Joanne Littlefair Dr. Irene Gregory-Eaves, Dr. Michael Rennie
10-Nov Evaluating Freshwater Ecosystem Services Dr. Dalal Hanna Dr. Kate Brauman, Dr. Irena Creed
8-Dec Salinization of Freshwater Ecosystems Dr. Hilary Dugan Dr. Shelly Arnott, Dr. Bill Hintz