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Nominate a colleague for an SCL Award – Due June 15th

The Society of Canadian Limnologists seeks award nominations each year to recognize excellence in Canadian Limnology.

Links to information on our awards and how to submit nomination packages are provided below:

  • Frank Rigler Award (Highest honour given by the Society of Canadian Limnologists to recognize and honor major achievements in the field of limnology by Canadians or those working in Canada)
  • Robert Peters Award (This award recognizes the best aquatic sciences paper published in the preceding year by a Canadian student or a student working in Canada)

The nomination packages are not too onerous, and we encourage submissions that reflect a diversity of candidates, including those from under-represented groups in our profession.

Issue 15 of The Current is running!

At long last, our latest issue of The Current is available! You can access it here or by clicking on the graphic in this post. This issue of The Current is special for a couple of reasons. First, for regular readers of The Current, you will notice a significant facelift in terms of layout. This is due entirely to our Francophone student representative Cecilia Barouillet taking the reigns on this issue and doing all of the design and heavy lifting to get it out. Cecilia deserves all the credit for making this issue happen, as it would have never come together without her, and I'm sure you'll agree she's gone above and beyond to give the newsletter a fresh feel. THANK YOU Cecilia!!!

The second reason this issue is special is because it's attracted a ton of member contributions, which is awesome! This is what this newsletter is for- a chance for YOU to let your society know what is happening in Limnology in Canada! I look forward to just as much in the next issue!

Enjoy your most recent snapshot of what's happening in Limnology in Canada.

SCL responds to proposed Partnership Program funding at NSERC

While many of the proposals in NSERC's new Partnership Program funding stream may be beneficial over the current mix of funding that fits under this purview, there are some changes which deeply concern Canadian scientists and especially those of us in the Aquatic Science community. You can find our submission to NSERC here. If you are a Canadian researcher, we encourage you to write to NSERC directly and make your opinion regarding the proposed changes known.

We are pleased to see that NSERC has already recognized this feedback on it's website, and look forward to their ongoing consultation on this matter.

Announcing the IISD Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA) HQP Support Grant

In partnership with NSERC and Trent University, the IISD-Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA) has established a pilot (2017-2018) competitive grant program to support research activities of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)1 at the IISD-ELA research station in northwestern Ontario (  The Support Grant will help to defray all, or a portion of, IISD-ELA research station Facility Fees for HQP. IISD-ELA Facility Fees cover the cost of housing, meals, laboratory space, and field equipment (boats, motors, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc) for researchers while working at the IISD-ELA field station in northwestern Ontario. Current fees range between $99.50 and $142/d depending on the length of the stay (

HQP Supports Grant are intended to increase numbers of HQP conducting research at the IISD-ELA research station and increase the accessibly of IISD-ELA to HQP that could not otherwise obtain support for the IISD-ELA Facility Fees.  HQP Support Grants are NOT designed to defray IISD-ELA Facility Fees already budgeted within existing grants, but they can be used to increase the number of HQP or the duration of on-site research above those budgeted for in existing grants.

Grant applications must originate from and will be awarded to Principal Investigators.  Facility Fee support will be provided in the form of credits at the IISD-ELA facility and are not transferable among Principal Investigators.  Facility Fee credits may not be carried over from one research year to the next. The IISD-ELA anticipates awarding a total of up to $30,000/year of credits for the 2-year pilot program.

Initial applications for the 2017 field season are due on June 21, 2017.  Later applications may be accepted if the full grant budget is not allocated following this first intake.  Applications for the 2018 field season are due on March 31, 2018. Applicants are asked to provide the following materials:

  1. A one page summary of the proposed research;
  2. A curriculum vitae for the Principal Investigator (a current NSERC Form-100 or CCV is acceptable), including contact information;
  3. A brief budget justification including requests for Facility Fee support (number of days, HQP and anticipated timing). Based on demand and available funds, the selection committee may offer to provide funding to meet some or all of an applicant’s request. Please indicate the minimum number of days of Facility Fee support that could be utilized.
  4. A description of external support for research being conducted at IISD-ELA, including funds provided for Facility Fees. Where Facility Fees have been budgeted within an existing grant, please provide a clear justification of the need for additional personnel or duration of research.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the research proposal
  2. Availability of alternative research funds for work at the IISD-ELA
  3. Researchers and HQP new to IISD-ELA
  4. Research conducted outside of the May-August peak period

1 NSERC defines HQP as graduate, post-graduate and advance undergraduate training (e.g. Honours theses).

Please send applications and direct inquiries to Michael Paterson (

Do we have some long-weekend reading for you!

Issue 9 coverThat's right, another issue of our newsletter is hot off the press.

Here's a bit about what you can learn in the upcoming newsletter:

  • Jerome Marty, our President provides an update on some of our recent initiatives;
  • A touching tribute to the late Ken Shortreed courtesy member Dan Selbie;
  • Learn about the Lake known as the Prairie Jewel;
  • Things you otter know about lake monsters;
  • Updates on the society, past and upcoming conferences;
  • Cool things our members are getting recognized for;
  • Limnoseminar: need we say more?
  • Learn about some student members in the Student Spotlight;
  • Want to know what Limnology field courses are available? We've got you covered;
  • And of course, recent citings, letting you know what your fellow members are publishing.

Thanks to all our contributors to this issue, and we hope you enjoy it!

Issue 8 of The Current is out!

Current issue 8covOur latest issue of our society newsletter is now out and hot off the press.

Great articles in this month's issue include:

  • President's message
  • A tribute to Keith Somers, director of the Dorset Environmental Research Centre, upon his retirement
  • Research Highlight on the MAES project in New Brunswick
  • Limnology on Stage
  • 25 Years of the GRIL
  • Announcing our 2016 Award Winners
  • Student Spotlight
  • A "Premier" Limnology Field Course
  • Upcoming meeting information for the SCL/CCFFR 2016 conference in St. John's, Jan 7-9
  • Member recognition, and Recent Citings, highlighting some of the great work coming from our members!

All that and more! Give it a read today!