Issue 15 of The Current is running!

At long last, our latest issue of The Current is available! You can access it here or by clicking on the graphic in this post. This issue of The Current is special for a couple of reasons. First, for regular readers of The Current, you will notice a significant facelift in terms of layout. This is due entirely to our Francophone student representative Cecilia Barouillet taking the reigns on this issue and doing all of the design and heavy lifting to get it out. Cecilia deserves all the credit for making this issue happen, as it would have never come together without her, and I'm sure you'll agree she's gone above and beyond to give the newsletter a fresh feel. THANK YOU Cecilia!!!

The second reason this issue is special is because it's attracted a ton of member contributions, which is awesome! This is what this newsletter is for- a chance for YOU to let your society know what is happening in Limnology in Canada! I look forward to just as much in the next issue!

Enjoy your most recent snapshot of what's happening in Limnology in Canada.

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