Limnoseminar: putting limnology on-line

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The SCL is hosting a series of monthly online live broadcasts to share research in the field of Limnology. The format is open and freely accessible to all, with all seminars archived on YouTube and linked to on the SCL web page. Content is welcome in both french and english. The series is organized and hosted by Alexandre Poulain (@RedoxRoxDetox, @Limnoseminar).

We are encouraging all scientists to share their latest research in the field of aquatic sciences; students, early career or more senior scientists, all levels of academia are welcome. It is a great opportunity to showcase your research.

You missed a live broadcast? All our seminars are archived on youtube and available though our website.

Our most recent seminars: “20 years of fish community dynamics in large reservoirs: a multi-scale approach” by Dr. Katrine Turgeon (McGill) and “Changing our View: Urban Surface Waters as Dynamic and Functional Ecosystems in Urbanizing Landscapes” by Dr. Andrea Kirkwood (UOIT) are available on our webpage:

Upcoming seminars: 

Jennifer Barrow (McGill): Quantifying phytoplankton responses to an experimental gradient of macrophyte abundance and nutrient press

Catherine Girard (U. Montréal): Bioaccessibility of MeHg from fish: the role of the Inuit diet and micro biome

Rebecca North and Helen Baulch (Global Institute for Water Security and U. Saskatchewan): Winter Limnology

Linda Campbell (Saint Mary’s University) : historical gold mining and contamination issues.

Gwyneth MacMIllan (U. Montreal): Hotspots of Methylmercury in Thaw Ponds : Link between Methylmercury and Nutrient Loading in the Rapidly Changing North

Do not miss the limnoseminars of our 2017 Peters award winners: Jaime Summers (Queens U.) and Daniel Gregoire (U. Ottawa). later on this winter.

Please contact us via twitter, message us at @LimnoSeminar or contact us by email at or if you are interested in participating!

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